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“The world of diplomacy and international relations”

Are you interested in what legal studies in Italy look like? Do you think that belonging to ELSA can help you to become a better lawyer? What would you do at National Model United Nations? If so, I encourage you to read an interview with Miriam Ucci, who is a law student working currently as a head delegate at NMUN and earlier she was a Vice President for Marketing and President of Local Group ELSA Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Kinga Mierzyńska: Why did you decide to study law? In retrospect are you satisfied that you have made that decision?

Miriam Ucci: I decided to study law before I really start thinking about my future. I was always interested in law and practical cases, since I was younger… and when I grown up I realized that I wanted something useful for helping the society and fighting the crime, especially in my home country.

K.M.: I'm interested in what legal studies in Italy look like. Could you briefly describe the system of your studies? How long they last and what opportunities you have after completing this course? 

M.U.: The Italian system provides for the Faculties of Law a five-years-program, at the end of this you achieve a ‘Master Degree in Law’. After you can also choose a specific Master or a ‘School of Specialization for Legal Professions’ that prepares you for the exam to become a Lawyer.

K.M.: Which area of law particularly interest you? Would you like to expand your knowledge of a specific field of law? 

M.U.: I am really interested in International Law and International Relations. I became fond of it after participating at the National Model UN and in the future I would like research and work in this field. 

K.M.: Could you tell me more about your work in National Model United Nations? what was your motivation to take part in this project?

M.U.: The first time I took part to NMUN was in 2011 in New York, as a delegate of Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, representing France. I worked in the United Nations Population Found Association Committee (UNFPA) and I found that really fascinating. I still remember the enthusiasm of working like a diplomatic during the working sessions, negotiating with students from all around the world and meeting important figures of diplomacy.

In addition, the excitation to stay in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters for the Closing Ceremony was so great that I cannot describe so well with words how fantastic was. After this amazing experience I decided to continue working as Staff member for Consules, a no-profit association that promotes such projects in Italy, helping and tutoring students who want enjoy this projects and being actively engaged in International Relations.

K.M.: How do you want to improve your career prospects and employability skills in nearly future?

M.U.: I think that the practice is the best way to learn something and improve skills. For this reason, I consider Model UN, Moot Courts and other similar projects very useful for understanding the mechanisms and making in the practice what was studied. So I participated and I want continue to take part in this kind of projects and looking for a traineeship at European Institutions or other Organizations.

Zachęcam do odwiedzenia podstrony w celu przeczytania całego wywiadu.

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