wtorek, 3 lutego 2015

”Your clothes determine how you see the world, especially today, when the contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language”. Are you ready to speak that language? Join ELSA in their second edition of Law School under the banner of fashion law, new media law, business aspects, quality of lifestyle and creating image. 

This summer, Poznan will become the capital of fashion world and a source of amazing inspiration. Don’t hesitate! The 2nd Annual ELSA Fashion Law Summer program will be August 2-9, 2015.

The main aim of this summer program in Poznan is to shape world views among young people interested in international industry. The program is planned for one week – 5 days for a substantive workshop focused on legal aspects, and 2 days for socializaton and special events. Participants will listen to lectures every day on a specific topic in fashion law, and then take part in workshops, panel discussions, and training sessions that will allow students to fully explore the issue. Students from different countries will have the opportunity to meet new peers and indulge in the culture of Poland!

I encourage you to read the entire issue, which is available on the website:
  The Precedent - SBA Newspaper

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