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"Mastering law fulfills and beautifies my world."

Are you interested in what legal studies in Cyprus look like? Do you think that being active volunteer can help you to become a better lawyer in future? Are you curious why it is worth to take part in Erasmus in Cyprus? If so, I encourage you to read an interview with Antonis Theodosiou, who is an alumnus of law at the The University of Cyprus and student of the Master of Laws (LLM) at University College London in London.

Kinga Mierzyńska: At the beginning I am really interested in why did you decide to study law? You treat being a lawyer as a mission? In retrospect are you unreservedly satisfied that you have made that decision?

Antonis Theodosiou: I could catch myself, quite often, trying to figure out how society regulates itself and how individuals settle their disputes in courts. That was my inner pulse, which then turned to a desire to master the art of practicing law, so I could be able to advise people on how they could get the most out of what the law provides for their interests. I do not see myself as pursuing law practice as a mission. It is rather a modus vivendi. Mastering law fulfills and beautify my world.

Clearly, I see it as a successful decision. Even if I have not managed to establish my own law firm yet, I have had so many doors opened so far. That was the result of hard work both at the academic and practice level. 

K.M.: According to your resume - you had opportunity to study law at The University of Cyprus. Could you tell us more about your legal studies in Cyprus?

A.T.: University of Cyprus is a leading institution in Cyprus. It has recently made itself to the 400 top universities in the world; quite an achievement if you realize that it is only 28 years old. The academics are amongst the greatest in their fields. The institution was recently reestablished to a new, modern campus with high-tech facilities and pro-environmental attitude. The department of law, effectively contributes to the analysis and development of the law in Cyprus.

I studied law in the Department of Law of the University of Cyprus and I have been awarded the Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.) degree with grade excellent, in 2012. The following year I have been a trainee lawyer in a boutique law firm in Larnaca. That same law firm offered me an employment contract for another year, which I graciously accepted. As an associate I largely dealt with company law. I have been accepted to the Cyprus Bar Association in 2014 and until recently I practiced law as free lancer. I dealt mostly with company law and trademarks. During that same period I served as a Research Assistant in the Department of Law of the University of Cyprus. I am now pursuing my Master in Law (LL.M) in the University College London.

K.M.: How will you encourage students from Poznan to take part in Erasmus in Cyprus?

A.T.: Being an Erasmus student in Cyprus is a unique experience. Students will be acquainted with the southern European lifestyle, feel the warmth of the sun and experience the Cyprus hospitality. Prepare yourselves to be mesmerized by our crystal blue sea and ecstatic with the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine. You can combine fun with a high-caliber education. Cyprus university institutes provide degrees in accordance with the international standard within modern facilities.

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